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Sweet Baby Bristol

From Belly to Baby

It's always such a blessing to photograph my friends and family.  Whether it is a wedding, a portrait, or a new addition to the fam I feel honored to be their choice of photographer.  So thank you all for allowing me into the special moments of your lives!

I can't even count how many sessions I have had with the Lima Family.  I have been photographing them since their first son was around 6 months old and he just had his 4th birthday!  Christina has become a very good friend and I love that our kids get to grow up together.  Now Christina and Trevor have added 2 more kiddos to the mix making them a family of 5!  They finally got their girl a few weeks ago and I finally got rid of some of Emma's baby clothes!  This next set of photos are of Bristol's journey from belly to basket.

Too funny!  Aren't outtakes the best?!


 Love you guys and I can't wait for the many years to come!



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2013 at a glance...

promos and deals and minis. Oh my!

Long time no see!! Some how it is March already and I have seriously been slacking on blogging :( I love keeping you all in the know about what I've been up to and my different shoots and I plan on doing a better job of that this year. I have a ton to catch up on and you may have seen some of it on Facebook by now, but I have a to-do list and I plan on checking off every single thing on it! So here goes the first blog of the year (I told you I was slacking!)...


This year I plan on getting my name out there more than every before. I will be having special deals, promos, and mini sessions throughout the year and I would love it if you would spread the word. Here is a list of what I have planned so far and I would love to get some feed back on what YOU would be interested in seeing offered from Haynes Photography.


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If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen that in March I will be traveling down to Texas(!!) to visit one of my close friends. I will be toting my camera gear with me of course and plan on doing some mini sessions in the Lone Star State! So if you or someone you know lives in the Austin/San Marcos area lets get together and have an awesome shoot! I'll be there for a week starting on the 12th :)


As a photographer and mommy I know the importance of taking the time to get IN FRONT of the camera with your kiddos. Too many times we get caught up in their sweetness (or not so sweetness) that we forget that we are a very special part of their lives too! I know that I wish I had more pictures with my mama! So in honor of Mother's Day (May 12th) I will be offering Mommy + Me Minis. It will be an awesome, fun time to spend with your little (or big) ones. I plan on having Sean take some of me and Em too! More details to come.. watch here and Facebook for more info.


Read the above and substitute daddy for mommy ;) Father's Day is June 16th and what better way to commemorate the day than a Daddy + Me Mini session?! More details coming soon, so keep an eye out.


Summer is a great time to get your family portrait done. The nights are long, the weather is reliable (scorching, but reliable none the less LOL!) and the kids are out of school. Besides that I am looking forward to once again recruiting some high school seniors (graduating 2014) to be Haynes Photography's senior rep[resentative]! I had a great time working with 2013 seniors last year and can't wait to do it again; they are so full of life and hope for the future. Plus they are so fun and make my job a breeze. So if you are or know a 2014 high school senior have them check out my Facebook page and find out how to become a Senior Rep.

Your annual Christmas card just wouldn't be the same with the family picture from last year. That is where I come in ;) In November and December I will be offering Holiday Mini sessions again. This is my personal favorite time to do photo shoots because the Autumn colors are so beautiful. I know the time around the holidays is hectic which is why these 30 minute shoots are perfect for getting in and out of those scratching sweaters** in no time flat! I'm excited to meet new families and catch up with the ones from the past. Keep an eye out for the details; time flies when you're having fun and before you know it the leaves will be falling!

January 2014
Boudoir Marathon. Oo la la. More information to come...

img 3831

Lastly... I will be starting a new promo that is good EVERY MONTH! I am now offering birthday shoots for 1-18 year olds! All you have to do is contact me and we will set up a FREE 15 minute shoot in your child's birthday month. I hope to watch these kiddos grow through the years and can't wait to meet some new faces!


That's it for now! I'm so excited for what the future holds for Haynes Photography... here's to another great year!!

xo Casey

**scratchy holiday sweater not required for Holiday Mini shoot ;)

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New to Haynes Photography!


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Thank you for taking the time to have a look at what I’m adding to my business. I’m very excited for the future and look forward to working with many of you soon! For the past couple of months I have been brainstorming ideas for something that would help women embrace their bodies (no matter the shape or size) and just have a fun time. Obviously “boudoir” photography came to mind immediately, but I sort of had put “that type” of photography in a box. I thought it was just stiff, traditional studio portraits minus the clothes and that was not something I was interested in doing. I want women to love themselves and love their bodies at all stages of life. I want them to laugh at themselves and be silly; to be confident in the person they are. Life is just too short to do anything less than that!

So I have decided to make my own definition of the “boudoir” photo shoot and this is what it is: an amazingly fun time where you get all dolled up and celebrate the woman that you are TODAY! You can be yourself because you ARE sexy. You ARE beautiful. You can embrace and celebrate the wonderful creation that you ARE!

I have been very inspired to work with women helping them love themselves more and I can only hope that I do. I want each woman that I photograph to leave the shoot feeling tremendously confident in herself knowing that she rocked it!


There are four different packages to choose from that are just for one person. I am also offering Boudoir Parties! I am thrilled to have this option because how fun would it be to get 3 or 4 of your girlfriends together and get your hair and makeup done while drinking champagne and nibbling chocolates?! I can’t wait for the immense laughter that will, no doubt, engulf the hotel room at these parties.

Along with the boudoir shoots we will be offering a very fun accordion album (other prints and products also) to showcase your photos from your session. They are completely customizable and designed by me personally. The album is the perfect size for a special gift to your man or just a little brag book for yourself ;)


I am booking NOW for individual boudoir sessions and Boudoir Parties! Please email or call me today to get an incredible deal on your shoot. Thanks so much ladies for your time and I can’t wait to work with you.

XO Casey

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The Schimandle Family


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I have photographed my friend Christina and her little family lots of times, but on this session I got to meet her brothers and their families too! I had a great time doing this mini shoot with all of them. I even managed to get a nice picture of all the kids (2 year old and two under 6 months!), but it wasn’t easy!


XO Casey

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Suydam Family [2011]

Plus Eat at Allie's

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Here is one more family I had the opportunity to work with this past fall. Meet the Suydam family:


After their family session I did some business portraits for Allie (the mama). She writes a blog called “Eat at Allie’s”. She makes some delicious food then shares the recipes for all to enjoy! Check her out and let her know I sent you.


XO Casey

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Fall Family Portraits


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This past fall I got to meet and photograph some amazing families.  Whether it was for Christmas cards or just to mark a new year with a current picture; i enjoyed spending time with them all.  Now that all the Christmas cards have been delivered it is safe to show you all of the sessions.  I'll be sharing eight families with you in this blog.

The first is the Jensen Kids.  I have known these two before Sammy was even born!  It's hard to believe how big they both are now..


Next is the Smith family.  I LOVE these people, but how could I not?  They are my parents and brothers!  Plus I got to photograph my brother, his girl and their pup :)


Again I got to photograph my own family.  This is my hubby's cousin's family; meet Donell, Adam, Travis and Bailey.


This is the Zimmerman family.


Here is one gorgeous family; from the mama to the kiddos!  Meet Margarita and her gang.


Up next is the Lima family including their newest addition.  Take a look!


This is the Howard family with three generations.


Last, but definitely not least, is the Gallardo (plus Garcia and Rodriguez) family.  This is one BIG family (four-in-one) and I had a blast with them!


Thanks for checking out my fall 2011 families and I look forward to working with you and your family in 2012!

XOXO Casey 

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Clayton [newborn]

8 days old!

If you look back a few months ago I blogged my friend Christina's baby bump.  Well the bump is gone and the little man is here!  He did a great job as I moved him and posed him :)  Take a look at little Clayton.

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Elite Fit Club [business+event]

Get Your Fit On!

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In late October I had the privilege of working with an awesome new business in Rocklin/Roseville, Elite Fit Club.  Two of my friends have started a fitness club where they train, teach, and inspire other women to live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.  [They have inspired me; and so far I've lost 30 pounds!]  I did their business portraits plus some extras for their website. Check them out on facebook


I got the chance to work with them again in mid-November to photograph a community event they did.  EFC offered free PiYo class to the public.  They cleared out the center of Lucy at the Fountains in Roseville and the ladies laid out their mats to enjoy a morning workout.


I look forward to working with EFC as both of our businesses grow! More to come soon :)

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Jake + Bekah [engagements]

Come Fly with Me

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Happy New Year!  2012 is here and I'm excited to see what new adventures it holds for me, my family, and Haynes Photography.  This is the first blog of 2012 and I'm happy that is of my dear friends, Jake and Bekah. We had a great time at the Auburn Airport for their engagements (Jake is a flight attendent for Southwest Airlines).  I'll be shooting their wedding in June 2012:)

I met Jake 5 or 6 years ago on a high school mission trip to Mexico.  Soon after that is when he started dating his beautiful fiance, Bekah.  Even though they were still in high school they knew that they were meant to be!  We have become great friends in these past years and I always enjoy having them over for game night.  God has grown these two up with an amazing love for eachother.  They are truely a picture of genuine, deep love.

I am beyond excited to be their wedding photographer and capture the day they say "I do" at the Flower Farm in Loomis!

XO Casey



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Lima Belly

Maternity Session

Lima Belly

The other day I had a shoot with my friend Christina and her boys (Trevor- hubby; Weston- 2 year old; and the one in the belly).   Christina and I have known each other for a few years now and our kids have grown up together since they were only a few months old (now crazy 2 year olds!!).  She is a great mama, friend, and all around fun person to be around.  Plus she was a super good sport as I had her walking, sitting, laying down in all sorts of poses :)  I had an awesome time celebrating her 2nd little boy (who only has 2 more weeks until his arrival) and I can't wait to meet him!

Love you guys!!



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Madison is 3!

3rd birthday session

Madison is 3!

Last week I got to meet and photograph a super-cute, bubbly, and ENERGETIC little girl named Maddie.  She is turning 3 in October so we marked the day with balloons and cupcakes.  We went to a park and Maddie got to running with her balloons all over [only sitting down to lick the frosting off her Icing on the Cupcake cupcake].  I had a blast with her [and her parents :)] and look for many more birthdays!

Here's the birthday girl!

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Snyder Wedding


Snyder Wedding

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to photograph my friend's wedding. I met Jessica a few years ago through some mutual friends and she has become one of the most fun, crazy, and loving people I know; and I love her for that. God has put someone in her life that loves her even more than I do... her new hubby Bryce. He is a man's man, a country boy, and is just as silly as Jess. They are a perfect match and you can see they're love in an instant! They have survived a very long distance relationship for a long time when Bryce moved back home to Montana and Jess stayed here in California. But now they are finally together forever in their new home in Montana. I'm going to miss my silly friend Jessica but I am overjoyed that she found such an awesome man to share her life with.

I couldn't be happier for you two!!

Live. Laugh. Love.


Here's to your new adventure together!




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We're still here!!

A fresh start to the blog

Long time no blog!! 

The past few months have been a little busy for our family... we moved (which is such a small word that has such a big meaning... packing, cleaning, hauling, lifting, unpacking, organizing, settling in), we're raising a [almost] 2 year old, creating the new website (thanks to my awesome hubby), plus just doing the everyday life stuff!  This post though is my new fresh start on the blog! Ahhh it feels good too :) After this post I will be working on doing blogs for all the sessions that have sadly gone by the wayside... They will have a chance to shine!! 

I'm looking forward to writing more and I hope you will come back to see what we've been up to!  And hey, have a look around the new site while you're here!



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A Day In The City

Our Trip to Sanfrancisco

IMG_8838Yesterday Sean, Emma, and I decided to take a little trip to San Francisco :) Sean's birthday is coming up and we wanted to celebrate by going to one of our favorite cities. Our first stop was at the California Academy of Sciences [Sean won 2 tickets in a raffle at Christmas time]. First we went through the African animals, which Emma loved! At the end of the section they had 17 African penguins that were very funny and Emma went right up to the glass to see them up close. Next we went to the Rainforest :) There was 3 levels filled with ponds, plants, birds, frogs, snakes, spiders, geckos, and free flying butterflies. It was so much fun seeing the excitement on Emma's face when a butterfly would flutter by. Sean and I though were ready to get out of there by the time we got to the top; they keep it a humid 85 degrees in there! (note there is only one picture of the rainforest in the gallery because my lens fogged up instantly, but I had to show you Emma's face when a butterfly was close to us.) Last, but definitely not least, we went to the aquarium (Sean's favorite part)! There were fresh water and salt water sections all filled with beautiful fish and coral. I can't even count the number of times Emma said "fishies" or the number of times of times I caught Sean wishing he could have a tank the size of our house :)

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Little T

IMG_8691This past October 31st was a very special day [and not because it was Halloween]. That was the day that my nephew, Tavion, was born :)
He was 9 weeks early and weighed only 2lbs 12oz. Since he is so small he has to stay in doors until May.
I finally got to meet him last week [I had to get my flu shot first] and he is such a precious boy!
He is 3.5 months old now and almost 9lbs.
When I was photographing him he actually rolled over [for the first time! (twice)];
not only was it the first time I met him, but I was there to witness one of his first milestones :)

Anyways, here is this sweet boy...

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Birthday No.23

My 23rd Birthday

23 years ago I was born.. yay me!!

I got to spend the day with my favorite people and they made it very special for me :)
I woke up to a Starbucks from my little brother, Josh.. mmm caffeine. Then I went shopping with my hubby, baby, and mom and got a cute top.. After an afternoon nap it was dinner time.. We decided on Chicago Fire Pizza and it did not disappoint! Pizza, salad, and a cold beer... what could be better? Oh yeah and birthday pizookie!! It was great and I was in great company :) When we were finished stuffing ourselves we hung out at my bestie's house where she gave me a delicious present that I would eat later :) Icing on the cupcake!!

All in all it was a great day (and a beautiful one at that! Who could ask for anything better then 70 degrees in the beginning of February?).
Here are a few pics from the latter part of my day :

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Gabbi and Gavin

Yesterday my niece and nephew (Gabby and Gavin) came over for the day... They are two year old twins and they are lots of fun!! Emma had a blast with her cousins (now that she is bigger she doesn't get knocked around as easily).

We played in our play room/ studio and I put up a backdrop just in case they walked in front of it! They thought it was more fun to run behind it and hide then to sit in front of it though :)

After lunch and Emma's nap they needed a bath, so I threw them in with some bubbles and scubbed up.. Gabby thought it was fun to wash Emma.. It reminded me of pictures I have with my cousins in the tub; such sweet memories... 

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Lemondrop-Stop Backdrop

Yay new photo backdrop

Hi everyone!
I have to apologize for not blogging as often as I should; I'm really going to try and stay on it in the new year!

This post is about an exciting new prop we got yesterday...
A Lemondrop-Stop Backdrop!

We are looking forward to shooting many gorgeous photos with it (and you!).
Shoot us an email to book your studio sitting (Valentine's Day is just around the corner).

These are a few photos of my favorite model (our daughter Emma)....

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Eric & Becki Engagements

IMG_8192-2A few weeks ago I got the privilege of photographing a spunky, young couple that are getting hitched in June of this year.

We went to Old Town Sacramento on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and got some awesome shots!

Meet the the future newlyweds :)


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Weekend Gataway to Bodega Bay

Fun trip with the family

It's been a while but I'm back to blog!! We've been busy with traveling and illness (basically just life). A couple weeks ago we got to get out of town and decided to go to Bodega Bay. The weather was amazing for this time of year (sunny and NO rain!). It was Emma's first time really playing in the sand; she loved it! It was also her first time getting pink eye :-( However, even with pink eye she was all smiles and had a great time. On the Saturday we went on a long drive along the ocean with Emma sleeping in back for her morning nap. On the way we took a detour to go to a "Community Market" but never found it (on the way back we saw the sign said "Sunday"). The road we took lead us up the mountain and instead of turning around we decided to see where the road would lead. It took us deep into the forrest and turned into a one-lane dirty road. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and was completely quiet. We pulled off the road to walk up some trails near a small creek. We were surrounded by clovers, ferns, and evergreen trees. Once out of the forrest we found a bluesy bbq restaurant in Gualala, "Bones". It was the tastiest bbq I've eaten in a loooonnggg time :)
Sunday we had to leave a few hours earlier then planned because Emma's pink eye spread to the other eye and we had to get her to a Med 7. We all had an awesome time and we can't wait to go back.

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Last night Emma tried Spaghetti Oh's for the first time! She had a blast making a mess all over her tray (and her face!). She loved those Spaghetti Oh's and I'm sure she can't wait 'til she gets her hands on another bowl of them :)
IMG_5205 IMG_5207

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Junk Funkies

"Play That Funky Music White Boy"

Last night Sean and I went to Coach's in Rocklin to see the Junk Funkies perform. One of our friends is in the band, so we thought we would check them out. We had a blast listening and watching this funky cover-band! They played an array of songs from "Brick House" to "Sexyback". Everything about them was entertaining; their sequin covered outfits were my favorite part!

Check them out at www.junkfunkies.com.

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