Fall Family Portraits


This past fall I got to meet and photograph some amazing families.  Whether it was for Christmas cards or just to mark a new year with a current picture; i enjoyed spending time with them all.  Now that all the Christmas cards have been delivered it is safe to show you all of the sessions.  I'll be sharing eight families with you in this blog.

The first is the Jensen Kids.  I have known these two before Sammy was even born!  It's hard to believe how big they both are now..

Next is the Smith family.  I LOVE these people, but how could I not?  They are my parents and brothers!  Plus I got to photograph my brother, his girl and their pup :)

Again I got to photograph my own family.  This is my hubby's cousin's family; meet Donell, Adam, Travis and Bailey.

This is the Zimmerman family.

Here is one gorgeous family; from the mama to the kiddos!  Meet Margarita and her gang.

Up next is the Lima family including their newest addition.  Take a look!

This is the Howard family with three generations.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Gallardo (plus Garcia and Rodriguez) family.  This is one BIG family (four-in-one) and I had a blast with them!

Thanks for checking out my fall 2011 families and I look forward to working with you and your family in 2012!

XOXO Casey 

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