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Weekend Gataway to Bodega Bay

Weekend Gataway to Bodega Bay

Fun trip with the family

It's been a while but I'm back to blog!! We've been busy with traveling and illness (basically just life). A couple weeks ago we got to get out of town and decided to go to Bodega Bay. The weather was amazing for this time of year (sunny and NO rain!). It was Emma's first time really playing in the sand; she loved it! It was also her first time getting pink eye :-( However, even with pink eye she was all smiles and had a great time. On the Saturday we went on a long drive along the ocean with Emma sleeping in back for her morning nap. On the way we took a detour to go to a "Community Market" but never found it (on the way back we saw the sign said "Sunday"). The road we took lead us up the mountain and instead of turning around we decided to see where the road would lead. It took us deep into the forrest and turned into a one-lane dirty road. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and was completely quiet. We pulled off the road to walk up some trails near a small creek. We were surrounded by clovers, ferns, and evergreen trees. Once out of the forrest we found a bluesy bbq restaurant in Gualala, "Bones". It was the tastiest bbq I've eaten in a loooonnggg time :)
Sunday we had to leave a few hours earlier then planned because Emma's pink eye spread to the other eye and we had to get her to a Med 7. We all had an awesome time and we can't wait to go back.

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