Birthday No.23

My 23rd Birthday

23 years ago I was born.. yay me!!

I got to spend the day with my favorite people and they made it very special for me :)
I woke up to a Starbucks from my little brother, Josh.. mmm caffeine. Then I went shopping with my hubby, baby, and mom and got a cute top.. After an afternoon nap it was dinner time.. We decided on Chicago Fire Pizza and it did not disappoint! Pizza, salad, and a cold beer... what could be better? Oh yeah and birthday pizookie!! It was great and I was in great company :) When we were finished stuffing ourselves we hung out at my bestie's house where she gave me a delicious present that I would eat later :) Icing on the cupcake!!

All in all it was a great day (and a beautiful one at that! Who could ask for anything better then 70 degrees in the beginning of February?).
Here are a few pics from the latter part of my day :

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